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Creating an Animated Music Video with Audio Design Desk

Audio Design Desk Team
Sunday October 3, 2021

With Audio Design Desk, you don’t have to be a big-name producer to make a top-quality music video. It’s simple to edit your music, swap out pieces of separate recordings to put the best parts into a compilation, and even add sound effects. 

Sound editing and replacement

When you’re making a music video, the most important thing you want to focus on is the music! Load up as many recordings as you want, and use Audio Design Desk’s sound replacement features to chop and splice together the strongest parts of each track. 

Don’t forget sound effects!

Though you don’t want to drown out the music, a few well-placed sound effects, especially toward the beginning and the end of the video, can really bring the audio to life. 

Audio Design Desk offers up a comprehensive list of royalty free sounds and a simple, easy-to-use interface to help even the most novice of music video producers to choose sound effects that sync up perfectly with animations. The Magic Marker system helps you learn all the relevant details of a sound and search for comparable alternatives without having to navigate away from the timeline. 


Intuitive cue system

Every sound has its place. As a music video creator, it’s your job to find that perfect placement. That’s why Audio Design Desk creates intelligent sync points so every drum beat and bass drop lines up perfectly with its corresponding animation. 

Experiment all you like by using your keyboard to trigger sounds manually. Simply cue up the sounds you want and then press the trigger to add the sound in real time. This is the fastest and most convenient way to add audio to video, and you won’t find it anywhere else besides Audio Design Desk. 

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