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Baseball Sound Pack

Baseball Sound Pack

Audio Design Desk Team
Wednesday March 2, 2022

Introducing the Baseball Sound Pack!

172 Brand New Sports Sounds

This week’s release is our first ever sports-related sound pack, Baseball. It is a collection of  172 useful, in-game sound effects and Foley including metal and wood baseball bats, baseballs being hit and hitting various surfaces. 

Capturing the Sounds

The recording process involved the sound team venturing out to a local ballpark and recording as much as we could. We had a set list of sounds we wanted to record, like hitting baseballs with various bats. Once we got to the park, we realized there were all sorts of potential sounds that we hadn’t previously thought of. For example, dropping baseballs on metal bleachers. The only major problems we had with the recordings were all related to the environment. We had to account for the traffic that was in the area. And, it was a very windy day which made it challenging to get quality recordings. Even with gear that allowed us to minimize the amount of wind in the recordings, we still had to be mindful of how we set up. Oftentimes, we had to find ways to set up the mics so they were facing away from both traffic and the shifting winds. Despite these challenges, we’re proud of how the sounds turned out and we hope you enjoy the Baseball sound pack!

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