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Avoid a DMCA strike or Copyright Claim on Youtube/Facebook/Twitch

Audio Design Desk Team
Saturday August 14, 2021

Most conversations around earning money on YouTube, Twitch or YouTube usually involve mentions of DMCA. The revenue that musicians, gamers, podcasters, and content creators can generate on platforms like Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook has been exponentially growing over the past 3 years. As more and more users start to switch away from cable and streak multi-channel streaming platforms – the audience on these networks will continue to grow.

However, with every opportunity comes an increase in risk.

The biggest risk to content creators is having their content run afoul of DMCA laws and their content and creations being flagged, or even worse, demonetized. Platforms like Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook are investing more and more resources into protecting copyright laws as the major right holders (record labels, film and production companies, and others) are putting increasing pressure on these platforms to start to enforce and defend copyrights, particularly music copyrights.

This enforcement will continue to increase as the industry continues to grow and as the pro streaming industry starts to become more and more mainstream. Take Tyler Blevins as an example. He has graced the cover of ESPN Magazine and when compared to some of his fellow cover athletes, he is eclipsing the income of UFC stars, Tennis stars, and Track and Field athletes. His streams, which are just one of his income streams, net him over $500K a month. His cover story is just the tip of the iceberg, and while he may be dominant when it comes to Fortnite, he is far behind the champion of streaming from the eSports world. That title falls to Ninja, who’s net worth is estimated to be close to $20M.

Gaming is popular when it comes to professional streaming, but it isn’t where the lion’s share of streaming revenue lives. The majority of the revenue is spread across vloggers’ reviews, and comedians, focusing on a range of topics, from beauty, toys, and travel, to viral challenges, sports, and gossip. Video streaming is their new frontier – a global market ripe for the taking and expected to be worth some $184.3 billion by 2027.

With such a competitive landscape emerging, everyone is looking for an edge – enter music as the key differentiator.

You have to stand apart from the competition. Creators are seeking cutting edge music and samples to make their content stand out and to add an extra dimension. The perfect song adds an intensity to gameplay, emotion to story, or even the perfect punctuation to the product review. Legitimacy comes from having the right music synced to your content will allow you to execute the 3 principals of channel growth:

– Stand Out

– Attract and Retain

– Monetize

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