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8-bit video game sounds

8-bit Video Game Sounds

Audio Design Desk Team
Thursday June 16, 2022

So many of us who love video games have a soft spot for where it all really began, in the world of 8-bit. Those blocky graphics and simple sounds helped introduce us to the world of gaming and worked their way into our hearts forever. This is why we made I <3 8-bit, a new collection of over 1,000 sound effects and chiptune sequences designed to bring authenticity to scenes with retro digital visuals. These 8-bit video game sounds are also great for adding some fun and quirky character to music cues as well.

Featuring both loops and one-shots, this comprehensive collection of retro 8-bit video game sounds makes it easy to build complete soundscapes in a fraction of the time when used in Audio Design Desk. Our focus with I <3 8-bit was to produce a collection that embodied the earliest era of at-home and arcade gaming. So you can expect to hear plenty of simple sound design techniques on display, but not effects processing as this was largely introduced later.

Our 8-bit Video Game Sounds in Action

Video games have already surpassed movies and television in many ways, showing us new ways to engage with entertainment. The element of imagination involved in pairing audio and visuals in this medium has a dramatic impact in how we perceive and consume what we experience. So it’s no wonder we are seeing, and hearing, more and more examples of mainstream music and live action video content crossing over with gaming in a variety of ways. The return to retro gaming aesthetics has been a great thing to witness in recent years. It is helping to keep these classic 8-bit video game sounds relevant in our modern world.

Live streaming has overtaken television in the last year, and much of the activity in this space is dedicated to video games. Thriving industries have been built around video games, from enthusiasts to professionals and so many ranks in-between. In a global market that saw a $178+ billion bottom line last year, we expect that number to grow to 200 billion in 2022. That’s a lot of zeros.

Do you work with video games or video game related content production? What kind of sounds do you want to see in future video game releases from us? Let us know here!