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50 New Royalty-Free Drones

Audio Design Desk Team
Monday March 13, 2023

We’ve just add 50 new royalty-free drones to the Audio Design Desk library! Introducing Drones Vol 2, featuring a variety of immersive synthetic sound beds, from dark and unsettling to enchanting and mysterious. These new sounds work incredibly well with pulses, atmospheres and rhythmic elements. Together they can create rich and complex soundscapes that give your scenes mood, pace and depth. 

Hear a small sampling of the new royalty-free drones

Be sure to check out more drones and immersive beds made by our amazing sound design team! Drones Vol 1, and Synthetic Drones are both incredible collections and definitely worth grabbing. Let us know what kinds of drones you hope to see us add in the future in a message here. And join our Slack community to be part of ongoing conversations and hear exciting news first!

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