demonitized videos on streaming sites

Why Videos Are Demonetized on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook?

By Gabe Cowan

The first wave of content demonetized or removed is content that violates the content guidelines. If your content continues material that is “violent, racist, or explicit” then it is gone and you risk suspension. You will also see a throttle on your ability to monetize in the future. Here are the YouTube content guidelines as an example.


While the most severe, this is not the most common form of content removal – that goes to music copyright infringement.

A copyright infringement means that a piece of music has been used and published without permission or license from the original artist, composer and/or rights holder.

The big 3 streaming platforms (Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook) have invested millions in creating software to identify copyright breaches and flag content. This can result in content either being demonetized or even being removed from the platform. YouTube’s Content ID allows the copyright holder to make the choice to block and/or demonetize.


Twitch, Facebook and YouTube are required by law to show that they are policing copyright infringements. This is part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). While the act is an older law, it is constantly evolving how it enforces and who it targets. Currently they have been going after Twitch users in particular as it is the platform with the most emerging growth.  Twitches also has the highest volume of copyright breaches. It can be annoying for content creators to see their content flagged or removed. These laws are in place to protect other artists who have created the original content and need to be paid for their contribution to the new piece of content.

One way to prevent your content from being flagged or demonetized is Audio Design Desk

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