Royalty Free Music Audio Design Desk

What Is Royalty Free Music

By Gabe Cowan

As professional streaming continues to grow, as podcast popularity multiplies, and as YouTube channels are becoming million dollar enterprises – royalty free music becomes something that was once understood by a fringe group within the music industry, to now being on the lips of everyone trying to make a living from monetizing digital video and audio content.

Let’s start with the closer – a simple definition: Royalty free music is music that you pay for once and don’t have to keep paying royalties on as you use it.

This may seem like a weird concept, but understand this comes from the legacy of how the entertainment companies used to provide licenses and how they used to monetize their audio content in television and movies.

The original model is that when you license music for major productions, you have to pay royalties every time that song is used. That means every time that show or movie airs, a small percentage of the proceeds goes to the artist that created the original composition.


This model was and still remains very popular and lucrative for all involved. As the amount of content we consume increases, the need for a model that works for smaller productions increases. Emerging and independent creators need an affordable way to level the playing field.

This is why royalty free music is flourishing. It gives content creators and pro streamers the ability to make a single, upfront payment to the artist and move on.

How much does royalty free cost?

Ok, let’s be clear – royalty free music is not free. Repeat: it’s not free. The free means that you are free from having to pay royalties on the songs or compositions that you use. If you tend to go directly to a composer to seek a royalty free license, then the composer likely tries to charge you a large upfront fee. That is why we created Audio Design Desk: we have the largest catalogue of royalty free music and we give you unlimited access to our catalogue of royalty free music for a small monthly subscription. The beauty of it is you have every type of audio file, every stem to manipulate the audio as you need and thousands of samples and sound effects – available 24/7 and with no limitations on how and where you monetize.

Why You Should Choose an Audio Design Desk Subscription

The benefits of Audio Design Desk are as follows:

  1. No limits on how and where you monetize your content

  2. High quality songs, samples and sound effects

  3. Access to the audio stems so you can edit and re-mix as you choose

  4. Access to the largest royalty free music library, all for the price of your monthly subscription

  5. Your royalty free license remains intact, even after you have ended your subscription to Audio Design Desk

  6. Transparent and clear usage rights

  7. World class customer service

  8. The best user experience to find the music you need

  9. Sort by genre

  10. Playlist

  11. Speed

  12. Tempo

  13. Search however works best for you


Great sound and music is one key to you taking your content creations to the next level. If you need audio options to monetize your streams, then now is the time to try Audio Design Desk. We offer a free month of Audio Design Desk to help get you started. You can check out all of our plans here.