Spooky Sound Effects

Spooky Sound Effects Have Arrived

By Gabe Cowan

With Autumn here now and Halloween right around the corner, it’s perfect timing to introduce the new Spooky sound effects collection. Produced by our partners at Vadi Sound, it features stabbing and ripping flesh, squirting, squishing, oozing, splattering and sucking blood, breaking bones, chemical reactions and more.

Blend these sounds into a soundscape with a slow creeping, anxiety inducing drone. Add perhaps a subtle high pitch atmospheric elements creeping in at just the right moment. Gotta toss in the riveting bass pulse to really drive the intensity. Now just the thought of hearing a bone break or a wound oozing is enough to send it all over the top. Happy Halloween…

Hear a handful of the new spooky sound effects in action

Here’s another small preview, without visual stimulation.

Stay tuned for more haunting sounds. ’Tis the season after all.

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