sounds from around the house

Sounds from Around the House

Audio Desing Desk
By Gabe Cowan

Right on the heels of Volume 1, we are pleased to introduce even more new sounds from around the house in Household Vol 2. This collection features over 1.2GB of pristine recordings across 894 files, and was recorded by our partners at Vadi Sound. A must-have addition for anyone editing scenes with everyday routines. 

There are so many kinds of doors, parts of doors and associated sounds (different materials, handles, locks, keys, ways of opening, closing, etc) to explore. In fact, there a couple hundred recordings of just door-related activities! It’s a comprehensive collection, giving you access to small detail sounds that can be hard to find elsewhere.

There are also sounds of various foods cooking in the kitchen, bathroom routines, bedroom routines, home office sounds, chores being done around the house and even recordings from outside in the backyard. There really is a bit of everything in this pack. 

Listen to sounds from around the house

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