Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Vol. 1

By Gabe Cowan

So much of the day-to-day work of many video editors and sound designers revolves around adding simple sounds to simple objects and movements on-screen. Whether it’s for a quick tutorial or presentation with flow charts and animated call-outs, developing branded corporate audio logos or making massive cinematic title reveals, the same types of sounds are needed.

Professional Motion Graphics Sounds

The Motion Graphics Vol. 1 collection features hits, rises, pitched elements and transition sounds that can be combined in various ways to create a seemingly infinite number of engaging moments. From subtle to intense, from horror to family friendly, from corporate to indie film, we have you covered.

Need a subtle swoosh and hit combo for an animated arrow landing on-screen? Super easy! Just hit T and H on your QWERTY keyboard.

What about a logo reveal for an early learning television production company featuring some playful xylophone, a swoosh and a magical chime sweep? That’s only one more keystroke! Even though the task is much more specific, the sounds in the Motion Graphics Vol. 1 pack make it just as easy. With just a few keystrokes you can design an audio logo to represent your brand for many years to come!

You can produce a riveting, dramatic cinematic title sequence and design a nice scene transition in less than a minute! Download the pack right now in Audio Design Desk and give it a try!

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