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Stream Deck

Many users in the video production and streaming world have adapted the Stream Deck as a must-need tool in their setups so ADD has created the perfect Stream Deck overlay to make composing and editing in ADD as efficient as possible.



To use a Stream Deck with ADD, first you need to download the Stream Deck application for Mac.

Once downloaded, you need to open the streamdeck.dmg to be guided through the installation process.

Once installed, open the Stream Deck app and you will be see this screen.


Now go to the Stream Deck Store by clicking the icon at the top next to settings.


In the Discover tab of the store, scroll down to find the “Audio Design Desk Profile”.


Click the ADD Profile and scroll to the bottom where you can select which size Stream Deck overlay you wish to download.


Once downloaded, go back to the main Stream Deck app screen and click the drop down arrow for Default Profile and select “Live Composition”.


Now your Stream Deck is set up and ready to quickly compose within ADD!


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