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Download Sound Packs

Once registered, you can download the sound packs specific to your license. These sound packs include Ambience, Foley, Footsteps, Sound Effects, Sound Design, Vocalizations, and Music. 

To download sound packs, go to the Library Menu and click “Sound Pack Manager” or press (⌃⌥⌘O). The sound pack manager will open with a list of sound packs.

Click “Install” on the packs you want to download and install.

Once the sound pack(s) have finished installing, close the Sound Pack Manager and your packs are ready to use.

If you would like to download sound packs to an external drive, navigate to the “Download to:” dropdown at the top left of the Sound Pack Manager. Here you can select a custom location to download all sound packs.

If you have already downloaded sound packs internally and would like to move them to an external drive, first go to the Sound Pack Manager and uninstall any installed sound packs. Then go to your ADD Folder (located in Documents by default). Grab the “Sound Packs” folder and move it to your new desired location.

Now go back to the Sound Pack Manager inside of ADD and install all of your sound packs. ADD will link the sound packs to their new location.

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