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Replace History

Utilizing each regions’ saved Replace History is an effective way to find the perfect sounds for your project.

Replace History allows you to hear and restore all previous iterations of sound. It can be found in a menu by (Right-Clicking) a region.

This applies to all sounds in ADD but the example below will walk you through using a “Hit”.

You have placed a “Hit” on the timeline and replaced it several times to find a new sound. Then move on to add several other sounds.


You then realize that you preferred a previous replacement of the “Hit” but can’t “UNDO” everything you’ve done after placing it.

Instead of placing a new “Hit” on the timeline and trying to find the old replacement, you can (Right-Click) that hit and go to “Replace History”.


A chronological list of the previously placed “Hits” will appear. The original “Hit” is at the top of the list and the current “Hit” is at the bottom.


To help you remember the sounds, ADD will automatically preview the sounds when you scroll over them.


When you have found the previous “Hit” you want, click it and it will replace the current “Hit”.