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Simple Yet Powerful

The future of audio-video, in schools today

Film teachers often struggle to teach their students about good sound, even though it’s an essential part of every great project. This oversight is largely because of the way video editing tools were originally designed. They failed to take into account the need to create, mix, and find quality audio for video.

Students love editing, coloring and tweaking video footage but have a hard time finding the right sounds. Popular NLEs like Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro were not built to create sound form film. Audio Design Desk 2.0 is the first application to solve audio-for-video, making the editing experience more intuitive for students of all skill levels.


Simple Yet Powerful

Streamline the learning process

Film students spend all their time working inside a non linear editor, but NLEs were never built to create quality sound. Audio Design Desk 2.0 solves this problem by syncing with any NLE and managing audio workflows seamlessly alongside them.

Editors can quickly find the right sounds for their project. Then AI helps clean up dialogue, create music, and mix audio levels. ADD 2.0’s library of 70,000 cinema-ready, royalty-free cues ensures that the audience will stay engaged and immersed in your student’s stories.


ADD helps me gamify the experience of film scoring so that it’s not such a scary topic for students. They like being able to access and place quality sounds quickly. Film Sound requires a lot of layers and if you get hung up trying to work on A, one never gets to B. Having ADD as a resource allows my students to build a deeper soundtrack.”

DAVID MCKENNA — UCLA Music Professor


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