What people say

Artists using Audio Design Desk

Artists Seth
"How can something this familiar be so much better?”
Seth Clark Editor (Arrested Development, Mixed-ish​)
Artists Jamie color
"This is the tool I’ve been looking for my entire career. Audio Design Desk lets me focus on creating sounds and makes the pain and chore of sound editing disappear. The team has come up with a groundbreaking product... I love its smooth integration with Pro Tools, and I’m using it on all of my projects."
Jamie Hardt Sound Effects Editor​ (Spider-Man, The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, IT)
Artists Andres
"Before we started using Audio Design Desk, it took 4 days to complete the sound for one animation. We can now do that work in under 3 hours."
Andres Reyes Botello CEO, Boxel Studio
Artists Matthew Cooke
"There isn't another piece of software that allows you to instantly create at this level of professionalism."
Matthew Cooke Academy Award-Nominated Editor, Documentary Filmmaker (Deliver Us from Evil, Survivors Guide To Prison, How to Make Money Selling Drugs)
"Our artists work confidently and efficiently with this amazing software. Definitely a tool that will aid your productions as it has helped ours."
Uriel Botello Creative Director, Boxel Studio​
"Working in the field of fine art, I’m a one man band... There’s no production team, no editorial team, no sound design team. It’s just me in the studio. But I have a secret weapon. ADD adds so much power and efficiency to my workflow that I’m able to produce rich, professional soundscapes on my own with minimal effort. The application streamlines the monotonous task of populating footsteps and foley elements by allowing real-time performance based insertion, then offers customizable sync and replace tools designed from the ground up to simplify the process. I honestly don’t know how I’d get by without ADD."
Peter Sarkisian Video Artist
"Since we started using Audio Design Desk, we have had a substantial increase in productivity and efficiency from our sound design team."
Yiris Hallal Head of Production, Boxel Studio​